“Fun-sized” candy bars are not fun at all.  In fact, they are just tiny wannabe candy bars that never satisfy.  Clearly I still have some post Halloween angst.  Armed with my candy based knowledge of the word “fun”, I was at first skeptical of the indie-rock group known as fun. Could they really be fun?  Would a listen to their recent album only be slightly enjoyable?  Thankfully my musical hunger was fully satisfied with their recent release, Aim and Ignite.


fun times

Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff prove that there can be truth in advertising.  The music of fun is simply…fun.  The creative trio out of New York delivers music that is relevant, catchy and enjoyable.  Aim and Ignite is one of those albums you can turn on and let it flow through all of the tracks without skipping around.  The song writing is both whimsical and thoughtful.  Lead singer Nate Ruess belts out the lyrics with a sweet melodic tone. Combine in the fact that these guys are incredibly versatile with instrumentation and you find yourself listening to a fun record.

Aim and Ignite is my feel good album of 2009 and one that is sure to have you singing along.  Tracks like “Be Calm”, “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)”, “The Gambler”, and the recent single, “All The Pretty Girls” will no doubt have you hooked.  Wow, I am in such a good mood now.  However, I still hate fun-sized candy bars.  That anger has not gone away and most likely never will.

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