Girl Talk

A great philosopher once said, “You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby right round.”  A Girl Talk record does just that, it spins me.  We here at Fresh Scouts first shed light on Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) back in April of 2009, when we featured his album Feed the Animals.  Since then we have been slapping each other in the face with glow sticks while we thrash out to the musical connect-the-dots of a Girl Talk album.

If you have a short attention span and you don’t fear mixing Jay-Z and Flock of Seagulls together, well…this is SO going to be your thing.  Girl Talk is back at it again with his winning formula of digital sampling and mashups.  His newest creation, All Day, is jammed packed with hip hops finest and pop music gems.  Imagine sitting at a red light and four cars pull up around you with windows down blaring their music.  Buckle yourself in for 71 minutes of seamless sampling.

Can it get any better?  Uh, fo sho.  Get your greedy little paws on All Day for FREE!  Yeah, that’s the price that speaks a universal language.  Mosey on over to Illegal Art to get the whole album for $0.00.  Thanks be to Girl Talk and to all of the samples.  And yes, thanks be to glow sticks.

Check out this artsy fan created video for “Oh No”

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Kevin has a long history of discovering the best music out there. He started off as an event coordinator for a ton of different types of shows and slowly started to grow his musical interests over time. Maybe some of those interests included the Baja Men, maybe they didn't.

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