Griffin House

I first met Griffin House, back in 2003, when he was promoting his album Upland.  When I arrived at the venue and I heard his name as the opening act, the nerd in me thought, “wait…the Gryffindor’s have a house band?”  Forgive me for my nerdy Harry Potter reference, I am who I am.  The uniqueness of his name quickly disappeared once he hit the stage.  Griffin House’s voice cast a spell on me.  Kinda like a Expecto Patronuses charm.  Damn, I need to get out more.

Griffin House is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy.  His voice is warm, his lyrics are emotive, and his music is organic.  For me, he is a modern day troubadour.  He is the sort of guy I would want to go camping with, just so I would have music at the ready when it is time to sit around the campfire.  If he wasn’t there I would just be singing kumbaya on repeat.  When you listen to Griffin’s music, imagine a roaring campfire nearby.  He delivers the vocal equivalent of a perfectly toasted marshmallow.

His latest release, The Learner, brings forth the same folk goodness that ran true through his previous works.  Griffin House continues to balance on the edge of becoming a mainstream name.  If and when that day comes, rest assured in knowing that as a listener, his music will still have the intimate feel of a campfire serenade.

KC’s Personal Picks: “River City Lights”, “If You Want To”, & “Feels So Right”

Check out Griffin House’s acoustic rendition of “River City Lights”

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Kevin has a long history of discovering the best music out there. He started off as an event coordinator for a ton of different types of shows and slowly started to grow his musical interests over time. Maybe some of those interests included the Baja Men, maybe they didn't.

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