hanson2When most of you hear the name Hanson the first thing you think of is three skinny white kids with long hair happily humming along the ramblings of a song we’ve all come to (secretly) love.  Many of you may remember their 2004 release Underneath with the hit song “Penny & Me” which was plastered all over MTV for what seemed like years.  I, admittedly, thought the song was catchy and since then have gained a new-found respect for the brothers.  Not because I never saw them as musicians.  It was just hard to imagine the same guys that created the “Mmmbop” craze becoming serious musicians.

After stumbling across their latest release Shout It Out, I’ve come to realize that these guys actually have a style closer to the Gabe Dixon Band or Matt Wertz than the bubble gum pop that got them started.  Their latest release is extremely catchy and includes more mature musical instrumentation (which it appears has continually emerged over time.)  Make sure to check out “Waiting For This” and “Making It Out Alive” for some of that catchy pop I talked about a sentence ago.

If you’re looking to check Hanson out this summer, they are hitting up the tour scene hard in the U.S. right now.  We plan on catching them at the House of Blues in Chicago in August and plan on reminiscing on “Mmmbop” for the rest of our lives.  What can I say, it brings back memories.

Check out the video for their new single “Thinkin’ Bout’ Somethin’”:

Oh, and also “Mmmbop” for old time’s sake:

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