Throwback Thursday: Ingram Hill

ingramhill2I’m not quite sure where Ingram Hill is or even it’s a real place.  I like to think of it as the spot where all of the kids go sledding in the winter time.  “Hey gang, let’s go thrash it over at Ingram Hill!  Neat-o!”  That’s probably how the conversation goes anyways.  It also turns out that Ingram Hill is a band from Memphis and they also thrash it.  Not really in a metal-y kind of way, but more in a singer-songwriter-y band sort of way.

I saw Ingram Hill back in my college days more than once and listened to their first album release June’s Picture Show figuratively over 1,000 times.  They have this sort of Tonic, Sister Hazel, southern rock thing going on that is hard not to like.  Unfortunately as the days went on (and my iPod erased years ago) I lost touch with their music.  However, I recently re-discovered this album and am fondly reminiscing on the time that I listened to it while frolicking in the wind holding hands with my best friends and laughing about times past.  Ah, the memories.

Their single “Will I Ever Make It Home” got some heavy radio play in 2004 and their other songs had been known to show up a time or two on Internet radio and local stations.  But don’t let the lack of exposure fool you.  These guys know how to rock (in a singer-songwriter-y sort of way) and put on a spotless live show that will leave you wondering if you are listening to the album or the live band.  That’s when you know you’ve got something special.

Check out the video for “Will I Ever Make It Home”:

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