James Morrison

James Morrison is one of those guys that you just assume is a cool dude.  Kind of like James Dean or the Cheeto’s Cheetah.  If I possessed even an ounce of the pure, un-cut cool that they possess,  women would fall from the heavens and I wouldn’t have to wait in line at Starbuck’s.  But alas, I do not and am forced to wait for my foamy latte like the rest of the coffee commoners.  Damn you corporate America.

But before I tell you about how cool he really is, let’s get one thing straight:  He is NOT the lead singer of “The Doors.”  How do I know this?  A couple of reasons.

  1. His name is actually James Morrison Catchpole (according to the Internet which is always true) so the stage-name James Morrison is actually a combination of his first and middle names, not his last name.
  2. James Morrison was born in 1984, 13 years after the death of Jim Morrison (and consequently the death of “The Doors”) in 1971.  So there.
James Morrison

James Morrison

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about why James Morrison is cool.  This guy has one of the most soulful voices out there today and, as mentioned, he’s only 25 years old.  His music is both smooth and energetic and provides the listener with a very big sound, regardless of whether or not he’s singing an up-beat song or a ballad.  His unique voice utilizes a large range and trust me, he never skips a note.   It’s easy to hear his main influences in his music, especially when you find out those influences are Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Van Morrison and Al Green.  Could it get any more soulful-er?

So where have you heard him before?  Well if you’re not an avid James Morrison follower already, you may have heard him on the most recent album of a Mr. Jason Mraz.  Heard of him? Yeah I thought so.  James collaborated with Jason on the track “Details In the Fabric” on his latest album and personally, I think he sounded magical.  Not long after the release of Jason’s album (he and I are on a first name basis), Morrison released his sophomore album Songs For Me, Truths For You with the lead-off single “You Make It Real.”  It instantly became a hit  (a.k.a the song may or not have been featured on an Overstock.com commercial) catapulting Morrison to super-stardom.

However, the next single off of the album, “Broken Strings”, is what really peaked my interest.  Or should I say the guest artist in the video is what really peaked my interest.  I mean, James Morrison is great on his own don’t get me wrong, but add a dash of the ever-so-tasty Nelly Furtado and you’ve got yourself a hit.

It starts out all, “Hey I’m a wheepy guy and I’m super deep and everthing” and then BAM! Exploding TV, shattered vase, broken love, glass shrapnel…complete and udder singer-songwriter meltdown. Awesome.

Best Tracks: “You Make It Real”, “Broken Strings”, “The Only Night” and “Precious Love.”

If you like James Morrison, check out Amos Lee!

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