Jeremy Messersmith

How many Smiths are there in any given phonebook? Twenty? Eighty? Infinity? Eighty-one?

Let’s just agree that there’s a lot. According to the most recent census, “Smith” is the most common surname in the United States, tagged to 2.5 million Americans. That’s one whole friggin’ percent of the damn population. To be a true individual, one can not be a Smith. It’s a law. Look it up.

If one were, say, a Messersmith, however, we’re staring down the throat of an entirely different beast. The throat of this particular beast, Mr. Jeremy Messersmith, is one of golden vocal cords, and it’s been providing fans (even the regular Smiths) with complex, sweet, throwback pop for almost half a decade now. And he’s just getting started.

His 2010 release, “The Reluctant Graveyard,” is full of haunting yet soothing tracks like “Organ Donor,” and “Toussaint Gray,” but my favorite of the batch is “Violet!” which sounds like it should’ve been on the Forrest Gump soundtrack. It would be right at home in the late 1960s, but it’s also right at home here in the 21st Century, so I’m not sure how to classify it. If you like the Shins, you’d like Messersmith. Same kind of vibe.

It also just occurred to me that some of our readers are undeniably cursed with the last name of “Smith,” and that some of the things I said in the intro may have been offensive. I’m sorry your last name is more ubiquitous than Betty White. Maybe if you added a little Messer to your Smith you’d feel better. It worked for our boy Jeremy, didn’t it? And now he’s making great music and getting featured on FreshScouts.

Maybe it could work for you too. Just maybe…

Check out “Violet!” here:

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