Jessie J

When we say Jessie J we don’t mean Jesse James, Jesse Jackson, or even Jesse Katsopolis (although he did have a successful career with “the Rippers”, so a solo album would naturally be the next step.) Before you rush to a feeling of disappointment, let me explain to you who we ARE talking about.  Jessie J, born Jessie Cornish, is a singer/song writer from London whose single “Do It Like A Dude” only recently presented itself to us here in the US of A after hovering in the UK for awhile.  Despite the talent she exudes herself, to strengthen her musical resume further Jessie J has written for a few no-name artists you may not have heard about: Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and Christina Aguilera.  Mr. Timberlake has even been quoted as saying Jessie is “the best singer in the world right now.”  And if you can’t trust Justin Timberlake, then who can you trust?

I hypothetically tripped and fell into the lap of this artist while perusing the World Wide Web to expand my own musical library even further.  The song that introduced me to the wonder that is Jessie J was with the hip-hop power ballad “Who You Are”.  Listen to this song for 30 seconds, and you’ll find out that this girl can wail.  Her voice demands attention.  And that’s exactly what I gave it when I first heard her voice.  I Google-d, YouTube-d, and MySpace-d Jessie J until I had a sample of every flavor she had to offer and, like the free samples at Whole Foods, it intrigued me to buy in bulk.  Lucky for me (and now you) Jessie’s USA debut album is scheduled for release in June of 2011.  The album’s debut single is rumored to feature current Top 40 rapper B.O.B. and is said to hit airwaves in February of 2011.

To satisfy the longing I have now instilled in you for Jessie J’s music, you can take a listen to the single “Sexy Silk” which was featured in the recent theatrical release “Easy A.”  It’s smooth, it’s sultry, it’s smokin’, and every other “s” word that means “a song you should listen to immediately and share with your friends.”  That’s why you have 2,000 friends on Facebook and 500 Twitter followers, right?  Share the love.

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Jenna is a long-time lover of music that has a knack for discovering new artists. In fact, she discovered The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, The Yardbirds and any other band you can think of that starts with "the". That might not all be true, but there is one thing that is: her love for music. (Single tear)


2 Responses to “Jessie J”
  1. Kyle says:

    Thanks! We are in love with her too. Expect to hear a lot more of Jessie J in the future!!

  2. Candice Harrod says:

    I’m in love!! Instant fan! Justin is right….best singer in the WORLD!!!!!! I want albums, posters, tickets….anything!!!! Gimme Jessie J!!!!!

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