John Németh

John Németh’s blues soaked vocals have a spectacular swagger that has quickly made him one of my favorite contemporary blues artists.  His music channels the style and bold confidence of legends like B.B. King and Ray Charles.  That is an elite duo to be mentioned with and Németh certainly holds his own as he brings his flair to the genre.


Németh, a Boise, Idaho native,  has been cranking out soulful jams for the past decade.  Appearances at blues festivals and constant touring have all lead up to recent album releases that are getting him noticed in a big way.  This cat has a soulful intensity that will get your heart rate jumping.  And once your heart has established a quick pace, Németh then busts out his harp and will send you into cardiac arrest.  (You may want to consult your physician before listening to Németh’s music).

Németh’s 2009 release, Love Me Tonight, has been running through my speakers on repeat for the past few months.  Love Me Tonight is a collection of songs that sound like they were recording in the late 1950′s in a bluesy R&B joint.  The tracks are dynamic, catchy and on fire with a funk that will having you singing along.  The old school R&B feel of the album is what makes it so incredibly enjoyable to listen to.  Németh’s music is fresh, exciting and something you need to get your hands on.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Love Me Tonight”, “Just Like You” & “Fuel For Your Fire”

Live at The Knitting Factory “Love Me Tonight”

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