Kasper from the K

If I had a magic genie with the ability to grant three wishes,  I would first wish for all my debts and bills to be paid off for the rest of my life.  Second, I’d wish for an infinite amount of money on a gift card to shopadidas.com.  Lastly, but not least-ly, I’d wish to be a rap star. Don’t worry, I’ve thought very long and hard about this last wish.  My rapper name would be “Bite Size” and I’d throw down some sick beats with my fellow rap stars such as Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B. and, of course, Bone Thugs.  Most likely, my first music video would take place at night, dancing in the rain, with an army of back-up dancers swinging glow sticks around in an artistic pattern.  Where am I going with this you ask?  Cleverly transitioning into my pick for today’s featured artist:  Kasper From the K.

Kasper From the K, born Timothy Lee Hoggard, is an up and coming rap/hip-hop artist from Henderson, KY.  So, somewhere in a cornfield in Kentucky, little Timothy found this genie who granted him his wish to join the ranks in hip-hop stardom.  Of course his genie’s name was Joel Hopper, a producer who has previously worked with Nappy Roots, Static Major and The Villiebillies; and this genie helped to bring a new level of musical wizardry to the hip-hop world by presenting to us Kasper from the K.

Kasper has developed a fanatical following throughout the Midwest, which naturally includes this Chicago native and FreshScouts writer.  His songs have “peek-a-boo’d” on the airwaves and his list of singles include “Whatchagonnado” and “Kwad Up.”  If my words aren’t luring enough to create a demand for Kasper, then just take a listen to the single “Shake It Down.”  Aw yeah.

Check out Kasper from the K on:

Watcha Gon Do - EP - Kasper from the K

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Jenna is a long-time lover of music that has a knack for discovering new artists. In fact, she discovered The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, The Yardbirds and any other band you can think of that starts with "the". That might not all be true, but there is one thing that is: her love for music. (Single tear)

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