Kid Cudi

In following with the hip-hop flavor of our new music Tuesday, I thought now is as good a time as ever to introduce the world to Kid Cudi.  If you haven’t already heard his single “Day ‘n’ Night”, you’ve already been missing out.  His tunes are some of the catchiest hip-hop tracks out there now and continue to surprise me every time I listen to his the album.


Kid Cudi

But what’s so different about him is his ability to blend so many diverse beats into one collection that really defines him as a rapper and an artist.  His style is, I would say, a mix between Kanye West and Common who coincidentally collaborated with him on his latest single “Make Her Say”.

Kid Cudi is straight out Cleveland, Ohio.  You know what else is out of Cleveland, Ohio?  The world’s largest rubber stamp.  It’s true.  See, you learn something new every day.  He released an earlier mjxtape, but didn’t reach commercial success until the release of his debut album Man On the Moon: The End of Day.  If you didn’t catch the first paragraph (because you’re a skimmer), the extremely catchy single from the album was “Day ‘n’ Night”.  Check out the video (and if you want to “skim” through that is well, the music starts at :24):

You will also notice that the video has over 15 million views. I know what you’re thinking, “Hey FreshScouts! We already knew about this song!” Well, I would say first of all stop yelling it’s rude.  Second of all, with the two hit singles and an album released only one month ago, Kid Cudi is blowing up all over the place.

The entire album is sure to spark even more hits for you to booty skrump to and is diverse enough that it will suit a number of different tastes.  So check out the entire album to get the full flavor, don’t just settle for the singles.  You might even catch a collaboration with MGMT, and by “might” I mean “definitely will”.  This album already kicks my ass and is sure to kick your ass as well.  In a good way.

Listen to the entire album:

If you like Kid Cudi, you’ll love DJ Format!

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