Throwback Thursday: Kiley Dean

You know what sucks?  Nobody ever got to hear Kiley Dean.  Twice she’s had albums shelved, and the music business isn’t kind to artists that never really hit the airwaves.  So Dean, despite having several ridiculously catchy tracks produced by Timbaland over the last six years, is a virtual unknown.


Dean, who started her career singing backup for Brittney Spears, most recently earned her paycheck backing up another pop superstar in Madonna.  But let’s be real about this—Kiley has no business singing backup.  This girl is and should be a star.  She came at Timbaland back in 2002 with a track she wrote specifically for him and soon after they were recording together.

The result was the single, “Make Me a Song,” followed by a full album entitled “Simple Girl” that never got released.  Somehow (and with so much time having passed since 2003, I can’t remember exactly how) I was able to get a hold of this record and haven’t taken it out of circulation since.  This is good stuff, folks.  For realsies.

Instrumentally, Timbaland is always a genius, so cuts like “Open Road,” “Kiss Me Like That,” and “Soldier Song” are both poppy and memorable, but Dean’s silky smooth vocals float over the beats like satin ribbons in a soft breeze.  It’s an unholy alliance of synth and song that hardly anybody’s ever heard.  Which, as I said, sucks.

The song “Who I Am” actually was released in 2005, even if the rest of the album didn’t quite make it, and that one’s available on iTunes.  She also appeared on Bubba Sparxxx’s “Deliverance” album on the track “Nowhere,” singing the hook.  The latest word is that she’s working on a third album and that Timbo might still be helping with production, but who knows if this will be the one that makes it to store shelves?

She’s a talented girl with music that at the very least deserves to see the light of day.  Support for her would be much appreciated because we at Fresh Scouts are afraid that if she spends much more time with Madonna she’ll turn to Kabbalah, and I’m not sure she’s ready for that.

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