There are only a handful of new hip-hop artists that really capture my attention nowadays.  With all of the hip-pop junk on the radio these days, it’s hard to find artists that are true to the roots and poetic flow of true hip-hop.  Enter K’naan.

K’naan is a Somali-Canadian rapper based out of Toronto, Ontario.  But don’t let the fact that he’s Canadian put you off (just kidding Canadians…sort of.)  His music is completely genuine and exhibits qualities of some of the best rappers out there today.

Imagine Bob Marley mixed with the revolution-inducing lyrics of Rage Against the Machine compounded with beats more closely related to Common or Lupe Fiasco.  And that wouldn’t even touch the full spectrum of K’naan’s musical capabilities.

His first debut album The Dusty Foot Philosopher was met with open arms by the public in 2005.  But the album that’s guaranteed to get your head bobbing is his latest release and sophomore album, Troubadour.   I’ve been listening to this album over and over again for the last few weeks and am still completely glued to the compelling beats and original lyrics that are so often neglected in current hip-hop albums.  It’s actually refreshing to know that breakout hip-hop artists still exist and are making a name for themselves by staying true to the roots of hip-hop instead of “licking lollipops” and “supermanning that ho” or whatever is happening these days.  Check out one of my favorites from the album below:

And as if blessing you with that song wasn’t enough, check out some of the other hits on the album including (but not limited to) “Bang Bang” featuring Adam Levine, “ABCs”, “T.I.A.” and “America” featuring Mos Def.  This album is by far one of my favorite hip-hop albums this year.  Pick it up and check me out.  I mean check it out.  Check the album out.  Not me.

*Note:  Album may cause dancing and contain beats that are so hot even Nelly would say “It’s gettin’ hot in hur.”

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