Landon Pigg

Very rarely do I discover artists via commercials.  In fact, most of the time I blatantly avoid listening to songs that appear in commercials for the mere fact that…well, they’re in commercials.  That being said, I’ve found one pleasant exception:  Landon Pigg.

His recent single, “Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop”, has been hitting the rounds on a number of television shows and commercials ranging from Grey’s Anatomy to the most recent AT&T wireless ads.  Going against my own rules, I have to say that if I didn’t already have a phone, I would have switched to AT&T yesterday if only to feel more connected to Landon Pigg.  Honestly, if you slapped his song on QVC I’d probably come home with all sorts of non-stick cookware and pewter statues of kittens.

The smooth tone of his voice and simple, original melodies make him an artist to keep your eye on in the future.  He has the power to deliver raw emotion with his music without the use of a full band for that extra something.  Mostly because he doesn’t even need the extra something.  He laughs at extra something.

He currently only has an EP out entitled Coffee Shop with the song that’s made him an overnight hit, but is due to release his much-anticipated album, The Boy Who Never, in August of this year. 

Landon Pigg will also make his big-screen debut in the upcoming movie “Whip It” alongside Juno starlett Ellen Page.  But don’t let his movie stardom fool you.  He’s a songwriter through and through and hasn’t even touched the table scraps of his possible potential.  So “bring home the bacon” by picking up Landon Pigg’s album.  And buy an AT&T phone.

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