Laura Izibor

I’m a soul man.  In fact, the famous song that we all know and love from the Blues Brothers is actually based off of my life.  I still get royalties every time the movie is played.  That’s a true story that I made up.  So maybe I’m not actually the soul man, but I am a soul man.  So I recognize good soul music when I hear it.  Especially when a new artist puts a new spin on a style you may have grown up with and heard a thousand times.  Laura Izibor is that new spin.

lauraizibor2She was born in 1987 (so she’s a youngin’) in the one place everyone associates with soul music:  Ireland.  Not what you were thinking?  Yeah, me neither.  But that’s what makes her so unique.  Plus, I’ve got a thing for accents.

Her music is a mash-up between Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse (with a MUCH cleaner image, of course.)  The opening track “Shine” on her debut album Let The Truth Be Told is an upbeat tune that draws on a classic soul feel with a fresh twist that’s younger and more refined for a new generation of music lovers.  When most people think of soul, they think of old school.  When I think of soul, I think of Soul Asylum.  Then I think of “Runaway Train”.  Then I think of the 90′s and slap bracelets.  Wait, what were we talking about?

But if you’re saying “Soul isn’t really my thing”, think again.  Luara Izibor‘s album is the essence of soul, but it’s got a little something for everyone.  Like Mary J. Blige 2.0.  She’s the next generation soul queen.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear the classic sound coming out of her lovely pipes or we’ll give you your money back.  That’s right, we’ll give you your money back.  Sound too good to be true?  It is (as far as the money part is concerned.)

Check out the video for “Shine”:

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