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lcdsoundsystem2With the 2010 Pitchfork Music Festival finally over after a weekend of heat (both in intensity and, you know, temperature) we feel it necessary to feature some of the notable acts to make for certain they have made it on to your iPod.  LCD Soundsystem is one of those artists.

You may have heard the single “Drunk Girls” recently on the radio and for good reason: it’s crazy catchy.  LCD Soundsystem has a knack for creating retro-synth beats that mix in a plethora (yes plethora) of different genres including electronic, disco and rock.  This is none more prevalent than on the latest album release This Is Happening.

In my opinion, the album is best experienced with a set of headphones, but don’t let that stop you should you be the only one on earth that doesn’t own headphones.  I personally like my music spoon-fed directly to my ears when it has so much character and pizazz.  You can actually feel the bass shaking your brain.  It’s awesome.

Check out the latest release This Is Happening for an eclectic mix of techno-awesomeness.  Each song is quirky (in a good way) including “Pow Pow”, “One Touch” and the opening track “Dance Yrself Clean”.  In fact, the opening track is so awesome, it didn’t even need all of the letters in the name.  Take that other tracks.

If you’re feeling saucy check out his other albums  for an overdose of LCD.  Don’t worry, LCD isn’t a drug it’s a type of TV display.  You can only metaphorically overdose on it.  But you should still take it in moderation.

Check out the video for “Drunk Girls”:

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