Leela James

Oh girl.  Preach on Leela James.  Preach on.  Now, this is some soulful R&B right here.  Soulful R&B not your thing?  I don’t want to say you don’t have a soul…but dude, you ain’t got no soul.  One listen to Ms. James will unlock the groove that you were born with.  Invite your groove to come on out and let it stroll around for a hot minute.

Ms. James

Leela James’ deep, gritty tone sounds a lot like Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin.  This young woman’s voice reflects a style that is twice her age.  But, her music doesn’t sound old.  James’ music is relevant, refreshing and meaningful.  The tracks on the recently released album, My Soul, are packed full of soul.  You might be surprised at the hard driving beats that accompany her stellar vocals.  Each track takes you to magical locations and then kindly introduces you to the next trip.  I loved James’ 2005 release, A Change is Gonna Come, but I am IN love with My Soul. Don’t get caught sleeping on the music of Leela James.  Step on up a get ready to be a part of something special through her amazing music.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Tell Me You Love Me”, “So Cold”, and “Mr. Incredible – Ms. Unforgettable”

Watch the video for “Tell Me You Love Me”

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Kevin has a long history of discovering the best music out there. He started off as an event coordinator for a ton of different types of shows and slowly started to grow his musical interests over time. Maybe some of those interests included the Baja Men, maybe they didn't.

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