Little Big Town

Musical discovery is a beautiful thing, and it hardly ever happens the way you’d expect. Sometimes, the dots just start connecting until you’ve found a link between two or three songs and realized, “Whoa, I’ve liked this band for a long time and didn’t even realize it.”

That’s sort of the way I got smacked in the face by Little Big Town, who apparently has crafted an entire catalog of fantastic country blues that I knew little about until researching this column.

See, I wanted to write about their song “Bones,” a non-single track from their 2005 album “The Road to Here,” because I’d heard it at the end of a True Blood episode a couple years ago and really loved it. For some reason though, despite my love and curiosity for discovering new bands, I never really looked into the band beyond that one song. Just kept playing it over and over again without growing tired.

Little did I know that they had released other songs since then which I also loved, yet had no idea that it was the same group. Exhibit A is “Good Lord Willing,” which was my favorite country song of 2008, and “Little White Church,” which came out earlier this year. Again, all this time I’d come across these songs independently of each other, liked them all, and never figured out it was the same people.

As a scout of freshness, it wasn’t my finest moment.

Now that those dots I spoke of earlier have been connected, I feel the need to pass the greatness of Little Big Town onto the masses, even though they’ve seen pretty solid success on the country charts for going on nine years now. The thing is, I’m not a huge country fan, and based on correspondences with readers, I’m guessing most of you guys aren’t huge country fans either. In every genre, however, there exists some really good stuff, which is what this is.

Despite the fact that this is a Nashville country group, there’s a lot of deep south in them, too. It’s bluesy and deeply soulful, which is part of what made “Bones” so believable in the True Blood Vibe. What makes them so unconventional, on top of being talented, is the fact that there’s no real lead singer. All four members of the group take turns singing lead, which also means there’s a ton of four-part harmony going on in these tracks, too. All of them are so talented at everything that it almost makes you sick.

But sick in a good way. Similar to the wrench in my gut I felt when I realized I’d screwed the goose on Little Big Town for so long, but that I’d found the perfect band to feature in my next column. That kind of sick.

As I said, musical discover is a beautiful thing.

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