Marc Broussard

Never heard of Marc Broussard?  Then you haven’t lived!  I’m not sure why I said that just now because you’ve obviously been living, but you should seriously check him out.  Well, not check him out check him out, but you should definitely be on him.  Ok, maybe not on him, but… you know, I’m just going to stop.  You need to listen to Marc Broussard.

A goatee and Marc Broussard.

A goatee and Marc Broussard.

I first heard about Marc Broussard almost four years ago.  I’d been listening to a lot of different stuff, but a lot of the singer-songwriter scene was getting washed up for me because, at the time, there were a lot of artists coming out with cookie cutter sounds.  Then I heard Marc Broussard.  The first song I ever heard of his was “Home,” which immediately offered me up Louisiana flavors similar to that of Popeye’s chicken (results may vary.)

You realize very quickly that the southern-style, country-fried writing and the soulful and bluesy sounds of the south unite wonderfully with extremely catchy licks and lyrics.  After getting my first taste (of Broussard, not Popeye’s), I was inspired to purchase his first major album Carencro.  After listening to the album once, I began listening to the album over and over and over again.  The mix of the album was so catchy – blues, rock, soul and a splash of funk – I honestly couldn’t put the thing down.  It was always in my CD player.  Like when I got MC Hammer’s “2 Legit to Quit” when I was 6.  Powerfully addictive.

And his live shows are like adding frosting to… more frosting.  I’ve seen him three times live, from smaller venues to the House of Blues, and he always puts on a great show.  The wail in his voice sounds like he’s channeling a seventy-year-old blues player that’s remembering the Great Depression, except Broussard’s a young guy.  You also might catch some Stevie Wonder or Bill Withers covers, which is always a plus.

Check out the entire album, but make sure “Home” is the first thing that you listen to.  You’ll be hooked.

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