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masonjennings2Sometimes you come across an artist that has “it.”  Whatever “it” is, you know they have it.  The song-writing is unique, the lyrics are powerful and the songs are simple.  Somewhat comparable to the reverence you would find with Ray LaMontagne or Bon Iver, Mason Jennings provides you with an experience that is relate-able yet completely distinctive in its own right.  His style is predominately focused on a classic folk sound mixing in qualities similar to that of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, but other times incorporates a faster-paced rock sound (while still keeping the signature folk qualities.)

His latest release, Blood of Man, keeps true to this signature style with a good mix of tracks that span the spectrum of his many style qualities.  Songs like “City of Ghosts” and the title track “Blood of Man” use simplicity and commanding lyrics to create a sound that demands attention.  Songs like “Ain’t No Friend of Mine” and “Lonely Road” exhibit a different quality altogether incorporating both rock and folk sounds.  It’s sort of like if Bob Dylan listened the White Stripes just before going on stage.  Pretty awesome, right?

Mason Jennings was recently signed to Jack Johnson’s record label, Brushfire Records, after the two toured together in the earlier part of the decade, which isn’t hard to believe considering both are skilled song-writers with somewhat similar qualities in style.  Also, coincidentally, the two were both born in Hawaii (while Jennings moved to Philadelphia as a child.)  So they are both Hawaii-ers.  Or Hawaii-ese.  Or Hawaii people.  Whichever.

Check out the mini-documentary on his new album:

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