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matthires2I used to be a cabinet maker.  It wasn’t easy creating works of art that are seemingly unappreciated and underrated, but that wasn’t my true passion.  My true passion was music.  Although I did wondrous things with maple and rosewood, I made even better things with a guitar.  I brought my dreams to the world in song.  That’s my story.  Except it’s actually not my story.  It’s the story of Matt Hires.

This Tampa native has a sound not totally unlike Mat Kearney, but similar in quality to a mix of other artists including Paolo Nutini and Howie Day.  He’s definitely got a sound all his own and is beginning to get noticed.  He has already opened for a number of artists including Marc Broussard and just recently released his debut album Take Us to the Start to much acclaim from critics (a.k.a. we really liked it.)

The single “Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song” is a self-fulfilling title for the single that showcases the song-writing abilities of this singer-songwriter.  This up-beat track is the song that will put this guy on the map.  But slower emotional songs like “Tangled Web” and “Out of the Dark” are enough to give any girl googly eyes for Matt Hires.

Check out this video of the more intimate version of his single and then check out the full, album-produced version below:

Matt Hires is definitely someone to watch. I mean, how many cabinet makers do you know with tunes like these? Exactly.

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