Matt Nathanson

If you’re not familiar with Matt Nathanson yet, it’s time to join the club. Well, there’s not really a specific “club” that I know of except maybe a fan club. Most artists have fan clubs. I guess you could join that club if you want in addition to the club I made up in the first sentence.  Or you could join the Burger King Kids’ Club. That’s a good club.

Matt Nathanson first caught my attention (which is hard to catch) in 2003 with his album Beneath These Fireworks. If you’ve never heard this album, I definitely recommend checking out the single “Suspended.”  It’s breath-takingly singer-songwritery.

At that time, he had just released a re-make of the ever-popular hit “Laid” (originally sung by the band James) for the movie “American Wedding”.  I had the pleasure of working with Matt as well in 2003 where he, just for fun, did a free concert before his actual concert for the die-hard fans that showed up hours before just to meet him. He was by far one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met.  After helping him set up his equipment, he asked me if I wanted to “mess around” with his $4,000 acoustic guitar. I told him no thank you (for fear of breaking it with my powers of uncoordination) and instead caressed it lovingly (which may or may not have creeped him out.)

I’m sure you’ve heard a glimpse of the single “Come On Get Higher” from his latest album Some Mad Hope.  This song (as a single should) drew me right to his album:

Matt Nathanson is known for being pretty vulgarish in his live shows (which is completely not reflected in his music) but personally, I like my folk-rock with a splash of danger. And he definitely rocks out live.  If you’re in the mood for a singer-songwriter with a crackle in his voice and a splash of folk, Matt Nathanson is for you.

Check out Some Mad Hope below:

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