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Matt Wertz is one of those guys that you fall in love with before you even hear a note of music.  He’s funny, loveable and gives off a laid-back Santa Barbara vibe (even though he’s originally from Maryland and now residing in Nashville…he’s versatile like that.)   I first heard about Matt Wertz almost six years ago upon the release of his second album Twentythree Places. I literally (not literally) listened to this album 10,000 times….seriously.   I was actually fortunate enough to work with Matt at a venue in Central Illinois where he performed with his long-time friend Dave Barnes.  It was by far one of the funniest musical shows I’ve ever seen.  Sort of (but not really) like watching a non-terrifying, virtuoso clown play classical piano.  Now that’s musical comedy.

As mentioned previously four sentences ago, I first got hooked on Matt Wertz with his second album, Twentythree Places. This album really sets the groundwork for the kind of laid-back, feel-good music he tends to deliver.  Many of the songs on this album were carried over to his first officially, record-labely sponsored album Under Summer Sun. I’m telling you if you’re looking for that one album to carry you through the upcoming summer season, make this album it.  It promises to deliver a nostalgic feeling you won’t soon forget.  Like when I used to wake up early on Saturday to eat Cap’n Crunch and watch cartoons last week.  I’ll remember it always.

I recommend checking out “Marianne”, “Red Meets Blue”, and “The Way I Feel”, which features a very awesome Marc Broussard wailing on the back-up vocals.  But don’t take my word for it…no wait, yeah, take my word for it.  It’s awesome.

And fresh off the internetting is his brand new video for “Everything’s Right.”  Polaroids are awesome again!

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