Melody Gardot

melodygardot2The name you are given at birth has great influence over the person you will become.  For instance, if you are named Mortimer you can safely bet that you will get your butt kicked on the regular while growing up.  If you are named Nitro, you will no doubt be doing the aforementioned butt kicking.  And if you are named Melody, well, you best be able to sing.  In the case of Melody Gardot, she can sing.  Not only does she live up to her name, but she makes up for all of the Melody’s out there that are not doing justice to the name.

In late 2003, Melody Gardot was involved in a horrible accident when she was struck by a car while riding her bike.  The accident landed her in the hospital with serious head injuries and kept her confined to a bed for a year.  Neurological issues manifested in the form of severe light sensitivity, memory problems and troubles with communicating.  The deck was certainly stacked against her and yet, she has prevailed.  Music became her therapy and was a big piece of her recovery.  Music was a part of her life growing up, but now it had so much more importance and meaning.  During her hospital stay is when Melody learned to play the guitar and she began her song writing.

It’s hard not to be impacted by Melody’s story.  When I first discovered her music I was not aware of all that she had been through.  Adding that knowledge to her beautiful music makes it even more special for me.  I must say that her recent release, My One and Only Thrill, is absolutely incredible.  From start to finish, the album is a smooth and smoky masterpiece filled with emotion and soul.  Melody Gardot is breathing new life into the American Jazz genre and bringing happiness to a lot of people.  Treat yourself to tracks like “Baby I’m A Fool”, “Who Will Comfort Me” and her rendition of “Over the Rainbow”.  I think you will agree that Melody is more than living up to her name.

Melody Gardot performs her single “Who Will Comfort Me?” on David Letterman

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