Merry Mixmas

I was talking to one of my high school seniors the other day after the last bell of the day, at which point I took the opportunity to crank up some cheeseball Christmas music because, come on, it’s Christmas.

Santa Claus, remixed.
Santa Claus, remixed.

Some timeless holiday ballad was crooning through the speakers, and this teenager made a face like he’d tasted sour milk. “What are you listening to?” he asked, clearly feeling some sort of disdain for the old-fashioned quality of what he considered lame music. I told him it was Christmas music, dammit, and he’d better learn to appreciate it.

But I knew better. He’s a kid, and kids don’t appreciate “old” music, which is why it’s so important to find ways to modernize classic stuff. Some may call it a bastardization of the classics, but I call it innovation. Whatever you call it, I’ve got two suggestions for all you kids out there looking to spice up the audible quality of the holidays.

The first recommendation is a personal favorite of mine—a compilation disc called “Merry Mixmas,” which remixes those old Christmas standards into something trip-hoppy and rhythmic. The remix of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Sleigh Ride” was good enough for me to turn it into my ringtone for the month of December, and “All I Want for Christmas” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” are both legitimate toe-tappers as well. The DJ’s featured on this disc take quaint carols and turn them into something listenable.

The other noteworthy album is “Christmas Remixed,” which is essentially much more of the same sort of thing. There’s a really cool rendition of “Jingle Bells” and “Joy the World” on this record, but the whole compilation has enough of a beat to satisfy even the most curmudgeonly of tweens.

Everybody should have the opportunity to love Christmas music, and for those who can’t appreciate the fineries of the “John Denver and the Muppets” holiday album, then there’s “Merry Mixmas” and “Christmas Remixed.” It’s the kind of thing you could bump any time of year, but let’s face it—they’re made for the holidays.

So for all you whiners born in the ‘90s or later, pick up one of these two discs and get in the spirit. It’s Christmas for Chrissake.

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