Mieka Pauley

I had the pleasure of first meeting Mieka Pauley back in 2005.  In 2006, I was thrilled to work with her.  Years have passed, her music career has exploded and she is gaining a lot of attention on the music scene.  Thanks to me perhaps?  Doubtful, but a boy can dream can’t he?

Mieka Pauley does something that other performers can only dream of doing.  Her method is simple.   She quietly mesmerizes and draws you in with her delicate, soft and pure voice.

A vocal tractor beam if you will.  Once she has you where she wants you, she explodes with the most amazing display of raw and soulful brilliance. It is downright impossible not to emotionally connect with Mieka Pauley.

Her smoky tone is incredibly sexy.  Her stand-out voice coupled with a genuinely kind personality sets the stage for big things in her future.  This Boston native embodies classic soul, blues, rock and folk.  In the over-populated singer-songwriter genre she stands out as a deep and cleansing breath of fresh air.

Mieka’s talent has certainly not gone unnoticed.  In 2008, she won the first ever “Cosmo Starlaunch” sponsored by Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Because of the increased national exposure her 2007 release of Elijah Drop Your Gun is finally getting the attention it deserves.  I personally recommend checking out “Stronger”, “Bravely”, “Fate Day By Day”, and my all-time favorite “Run”.  If you get the chance to see her live you must request that she perform her amazing cover of Eva Cassidy’s “Fields of Gold”.

Do yourself a favor and connect with Mieka Pauley by checking out her music video for “All the Same Mistakes”.

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Kevin has a long history of discovering the best music out there. He started off as an event coordinator for a ton of different types of shows and slowly started to grow his musical interests over time. Maybe some of those interests included the Baja Men, maybe they didn't.

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