Mumford & Sons

When I first heard the name of this band I could not help but wonder if they also ran a house painting business or a moving company.  Dare I say that the music of Mumford & Sons will paint your soul and get you up and moving?  In retrospect, I wish I had not dared myself to say that.  The important thing to remember is that these guys are wickedly talented and fun to listen to.


I have proven time and time again that I am a sucker for the mandolin, banjo and dobro.  For proof of that you can read about my healthy crush on The Lovell SistersMumford & Sons developed their sound in the London folk scene.  Their music blends folk, rock and bluegrass all together with a burning lyrical intensity.  A recent signing with Island Records will only help spread their music across the globe.  The boys have already made a name for themselves in England, Ireland and Australia.  Constant touring and a full length album in the works sets the stage for a promising 2010 for the band.

In late 2009, Mumford & Sons released their EP, Sigh No More.  For me EP stands for “tiny album”.  What that means is that you are going to get four tracks on this album.  It satisfies, but certainly will leave you wanting more.  The lead single, “Little Lion Man”, is my absolute favorite.  I dare you not to tap your feet to the song.  I double-dog-dare you.  If you want a beautifully packaged ball of energy, “The Cave” is just what the doctor ordered.

Check out their official video for “Little Lion Man”

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