New Music Tuesday: 10 Years

So we haven’t posted anything super hardcore in a while.  I’m talking about the type of stuff that makes you feel like you just got punched in the face by pure awesome.  The kind of music that makes you run faster and jump higher.  The stuff that was made by the business end of a kick-ass stick.  Well guess what?  You’ve just been served.  10 Years has that kick-ass stick.


Figure 1.1

Their new release Feeding the Wolves not only has a manly name, but a manly album cover (see Figure 1.1).  Historically I’ve found that if an album has an awesome cover, an awesome name and an awesome artist behind it, you are destined to have something worth its weight in gold.  Don’t believe me?  Tell that to Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Guns N Roses’ Appetite for Destruction.  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

The entire album is a hard-hitting mix of heavy guitar and steel-laden vocals to match.  The tracks rarely miss a beat, taking breaks only to show their softer side with powerful ballads (that are not-so-much ballads, I just can’t think of another word to describe them.)

10 Years is currently on the tail-end of the Carnival of Madness tour with the likes of Shinedown, Chevelle, Sevendust, and Puddle of Mudd.  But not to worry, they will be headed back out on the road with numerous upcoming tour dates to support the release of their new album.

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