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After watching the first 30 seconds Alpha Rev’s video for “New Morning,” I found myself waiting for the phone to ring with a scratchy voice on the line to tell me I’d die in seven days. I mean, compare it to the death montage from “The Ring,” and you’ve got some definite stylistic similarities.

alpharev2But that’s pretty much where the parallels end. Alpha Rev’s music definitely isn’t what you’d expect to hear playing over frightening images from a scary movie. Instead, it’s calm, and sedate, and sweet. This is an overwhelmingly positive band, and despite the fact that their most recent video looks vaguely like something from a horror movie, they’re absolutely ready for mainstream pop radio, filling the ballad niche with gusto.

Alpha Rev has been among the country’s top independent bands for a few years now after debuting with “The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Learned” in 2007, but it’s their more recent album, also called “New Morning,” that brought them to Fresh Scout’s attention.

The title track is smooth and optimistic, as lead singer Casey McPherson has an effortless upper range to his voice. The second song on the album, “Phoenix Burn,” has also gotten some attention for its gorgeous melodies and catchy hook. On stage, they’re a flawless band, hitting all the notes on pitch and milking all the instruments (which include a cello, by the way). In terms of bands that just bring good, old-fashioned musicality to a live show, Alpha Rev is getting it done on a ton of levels.

So grab the new album, just don’t watch the music videos. Unless you feel like messing with that whole dying-in-seven-days thing. In which case, knock yourself out.

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