New Music Tuesday: Aqualung

I was first exposed to the music of  Matt Hales, Aqualung, with his 2005 release of Strange and Beautiful. That album was such a refreshing breath of fresh air in an industry that had been producing some stale music.  Hales’ hinted in 2007 that Aqualung was done and I have been holding my breath ever since waiting for a new release.  Thankfully today brings us Magnetic North.  This couldn’t come at a better time seeing that all of that breath holding may have started causing me some irreversible damage.


Matt Hales

Magnetic North features all new material that was recorded in his new home of Los Angeles.  Hales made the move to L.A. from the U.K. and it is clear that the sunny weather has helped him put together a warm and relaxed record that highlights his signature style.  This record will no doubt solidify Matt Hales as a first rate singer-songwriter with a talent for creating music with meaning.

As warmer weather approaches many of us, I feel that Magnetic North will be the album that gets pulled out and put on heavy rotation.  Each track is beautifully arranged and Hales’ soft voice is perfectly highlighted.  Many tracks from the album are already getting picked up in television placement and I anticipate Aqualung will be back in the spotlight with this effort.

KC’s Personal Picks: “New Friend”, “Remember Us featuring Sara Bareilles”, “Fingertip” and “Reel Me In”

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Aqualung - Magnetic North (Bonus Track Version)


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