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arcadefire2I’ve been a fan of Arcade Fire for quite some time now.  I was first introduced to them during my formidable years in college when my young mind was being shaped for greatness in the real world.  They were probably the first jump I made towards what I would understand to be Indie music (I was young then.)  At the time, I never had the chance to read into the band’s history, which it turns out is a shame because their history is actually very interesting.

To start, the band is fronted by husband and wife duo Win Butler and Régine Chassagne.  Like REAL husband and wife duo.  Not like White Stripes husband and wife duo.  It’s like you can hear the love in every one of their songs.  It’s quite magical.  Secondly, Chassagne used to sing jazz and played the recorder in a pre-Renaissance medieval band.  I also used to play the recorder, but not as professionally as him.  I’m still training.  Thirdly, Butler’s grandfather is legendary swing-era musician Alvino Rey who is credited as being the father of the pedal steel guitar.  Crazy right?

The thing that really drew me to this band in the first place is the plethora of sounds you’ll find throughout the albums.  In their latest, Suburbs, you’ll find piano, guitar, violin, organ, synthesizer, accordion, washboard, spoons and the jug.  Ok, maybe not ALL of those instruments are on the album, but they might play the others in their free time.  You don’t know.

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