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athlete2Sometimes life isn’t fair.  Like when a vending machine eats your money or when the Comcast guy doesn’t show up on time.  Or even when the UK gets an album released months before the US gets a chance to get their hands on it.  Because that’s what happened with Athlete.  The album part I mean.  Not the vending machine or Comcast stuff.  That wouldn’t make sense.

Athlete is an indie rock band from London so you know their good right off the bat.  I mean, The Beatles came from the UK so, you know, it’s kind of the same thing.  Their new release Black Swan is a melodic rock album that creates a mellower sound focused on each individual aspect of the music.  With some songs incorporating hints of electronic and some songs keeping it simple with just vocals and guitar, the album’s unique variety will keep you coming back for more.

Black Swan, to me, is one of those albums you listen to the first couple of times not fully appreciating the full extent of the music.  A few more times around and you start to catch things that are completely appealing.  This is definitely not an epic soundscape of massive proportions, but if you’re looking for something to chill with and a decent album to appreciate, check out Black Swan.

Here’s the video for the single “Superhuman Touch”:


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