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Brandon FlowersWe here at FreshScouts have always been a fan of The Killers. Granted, we say this under the realization that their music has definitely gone to a higher level (namely the top of the charts.)  But we really loved this band when they were first gaining traction around 2004-ish with the release of Hot Fuss.  Since then, they have come a long way and have had a successful career.  But how do they make it even more successful? Well I’m sure your first guess wouldn’t be to split the band up.  Ok, they aren’t splitting the band up for good, but Killers’ lead singer Brandon Flowers has decided to release his first ever compilation of solo tracks in his album Flamingo.

Perhaps you’ve heard the first single without even knowing it.  Perhaps you already love his solo stuff subconsciously.  Perhaps you even thought it was The Killers.  If you’re anything like me, any or all of these deceived you.  But be afraid not. I mean, afraid not be you.  Or afraid be not to you.  Just don’t fret, because this is a super solid side project that is only a minor detour from what is rumored to be yet another release from The Killers in 2012.

“Crossfire” is the first single from the album with other notable tracks like “Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts” and “Was It Something I Said?” following close behind.  If you’re looking for a very Killers-esque sound from their front-man, this album is one to check out.  Even if you are just mildly a Killers fan, you’ll find this album to be like a gateway drug to other Killers’ projects.  The first one’s free.

Check out the video for the single “Crossfire”:

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