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If it hasn’t been made expressly clear yet that Fresh Scouts is a strong supporter of the Flobots, then allow us to put a postage stamp on this thing and mail it in. Few bands out there take themselves as serious as these guys, and few mix genres as successfully. Few put more effort into the messages of their lyrics. Few truly attempt to inspire change in this world, and even fewer have the audacity to believe that what they do and say could actually have such an effect.

FlobotsBut the Flobots can do all of these things, which is why their new album, “Survival Story,” is just as high on our Good-Music-o-Meter as their first album was. Jonny 5 can rap, folks, but these guys are legitimately challenging the wrongs of our society and are looking for real change. It’s deep stuff, but it rocks and hips and hops, too. Any time you can do that with the viola as one of your signature instruments, you’ve done something special.

Obviously, “White Flag Warrior,” which features Tim McIlrath of Rise Against, is already one of our favorite songs of the moment, but other tracks on this record that peaked our interest include “Cracks the Surface” and “Defend Atlantis,” and we also loved “Infatuation,” which features another FS favorite in Matt Morris. Towards the end of the record the gang goes acoustic for two songs with “Good Soldier” and “Superhero,” both of which walk a tightrope between folk and hip-hop I haven’t really heard anything like. And no, Mat Kearney doesn’t count.

It’s a really solid album that sounds fantastic and actually has positive messages about priorities, personal wealth, and sticking up for yourself in a world where we so often can get pushed around. So don’t let yourself get pushed around, and buy this CD.

Now, try to decide if you need to do what we say and purchase the Flobots album, or if you won’t allow yourself to get pushed around by us because the Flobots said so. Quite the conundrum, isn’t it?

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Flobots - Survival Story

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