New Music Tuesday: Indica

I don’t know much about Finland, but I know I like Indica. Their new album, “A Way Away,” compiled of old songs translated to English for the first time, is rife with the pixie rock all-girl group’s biggest hits over the last decade.

indica2However, unlike other language crossover albums where new tracks are hastily scrawled into a foreign tongue just to sell records, this is the case of a legitimately successful European band being given the opportunity to market their art to the biggest consumer base in the world.

The first single on the record, “In Passing,” has an ethereal video where the five extremely attractive musicians rock out in the clouds of the night in what seems like a non-stop dream sequence. In this track, the instrumentation is simple, but other songs on the album are increasingly complex, with gorgeous piano riffs and often symphonic backgrounds that keep the album interesting from track one through the last note.

“Islands of Light,” “Scissor Paper Rock,” and “As If” all sound like they could get regular airtime on American rock stations right now, while tracks like “Children of Frost” and “Lilja’s Lament” are both haunting and dark in ways that are positive but not necessarily commercially viable.

The girls are probably going to get some flak for trying on a new language, some from Americans who think they sound unnatural and some from Finland who might think they’re betraying their roots. But criticism from any angle is unfounded. These girls really do know how to rock, and they know how to write music. Those are pretty much the only two things my iPod really needs, and I don’t need to know anything about Finland to know that.

Check out the video for “In Passing”:

And grab the album, “A Day Away,” out everywhere today!

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