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I have been a fan of Jennifer Knapp ever since I first heard her 2001 release, The Way I Am.  Knapp makes powerful folk music with a rock edge.  And beneath that incredible sound is her well honed ability to construct lyrics with meaning and purpose.  Knapp is an expert storyteller and with her newest release, Letting Go, she does not hold back


Most of Jennifer Knapp’s career has been housed under the umbrella of contemporary Christian music.  A great deal of her success was fueled by a dedicated fan base, churches and festivals.  Knapp has seen cross over exposure when she she made appearances at Lilith Fair and other large venues.  The Way I Am received a Grammy nod and the stage was set for a larger listening public to get to know Knapp’s music.  For a variety of reasons Knapp chose to take a long break from music and she finds her way back to the stage with a little bit of controversy this time.

In April 2010, Knapp publicly came out and announced that she is a lesbian and that she has been in a committed same-sex relationship since 2002.  This news sent shock waves through the Christian music community and made the rounds on the national news.  Letting Go is an opportunity for Knapp to share her beautiful voice with the comfort of being who she is.  Sexual orientation, especially for celebrities, is still for some reason a controversial hot topic.  Add to the mix her religious background and Knapp has become a much talked about artist in the music industry.  What I am most pleased with is the fact that her personal life might be the lead into a discussion, but it is her music that takes over from there.  At the end of the day it is her music and message that truly matters.  Maybe one day the we can get over all of our hang ups that tear us down and focus on the things that bring us together.  Thankfully, Jennifer Knapp understands that music is one of the things that unifies us all.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Dive In”, “Inside” and “Mr. Gray”

Knapp’s live acoustic version of “Dive In”.  Starts at 34 seconds.

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