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Joan Armatrading has been making music for nearly forty years.  Yeah, that’s four decades.  This British singer-songwriter is back at it again with the release of This Charming Life.  With forty years of experience you get a wonderfully crafted album that oozes the confidence of knowing what making music is all about.  It is crystal clear that Armatrading knows who she is and through her music she is ready to tell you all about herself.

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The next time a music reality show brings out a mentor to help guide the newbie musicians, it should be Joan Armatrading that takes that role.  As the years have rolled on Armatrading has learned how to be resilient and adaptive in an industry that can break you just as fast as it makes you.  She has broken into the UK charts countless times and it was her 1976 track, “Love and Affection”, that really gave her some widespread attention. Armatrading has made a career of exploring multiple musical styles such as blues, rock, pop and jazz.  This three-time Grammy Award nominee is back at it again with her 2010 release of This Charming Life.

This Charming Life is an upbeat album that showcases Armatrading’s happy and energetic side.  Each track flows together wonderfully and gives you slices into her ever so charming life.  For those just coming across the work of Armatrading you have a lot that you can get caught up on.  After you take in This Charming Life I would highly recommend that you give Into the Blues a spin.

KC’s Personal Picks: “This Charming Life”, “Two Tears” & “Heading Back to New York City”

Joan Armatrading’s video for “This Charming Life”

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Joan Armatrading - This Charming Life


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