New Music Tuesday: Joe Budden

In my experience, people listen to hip-hop for one of three reasons. They either want something to dance to, something that will bump in their car, or something with lyrics that actually have some meaning and poetry behind them. Once in a very rare while you find a rapper that can span all three of these requirements, but in general you’re lucky to find someone who covers two of the three. Joe Budden is one of those guys capable of batting 1.000, and in baseball that’d be like the greatest hitter of all time.

There’s no question that Budden is, in fact, a heavy hitter, especially lyrically. His new full-length solo mixtape, “Mood Muzik 4,” is rife with emotional prose with multi-syllabic rhymes and a flow that punches like a wiry welterweight.

We’ve come a long way from the “Pump It Up” days, way back Budden really was putting out tracks that could be rocked in clubs. He’s a more mature rapper now, focused more on the rhyme and the message more than anything. But that doesn’t mean the music suffers. On this latest mixtape offering from JB, the lead track is a sweet sample of Bon Jovi’s “Right Now,” and other songs like “1000 Faces” and “If All Else Fails” have hot instrumentals as well.

While this particular offering from Joe Budden isn’t all that heavy on tracks you’d shoot Jaeger bombs to, it’s definitely one a record with something to say, and in my world, that’s really all hip-hop has to do in order to be successful. We’re lucky, though, that Budden’s music does so much more.

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