New Music Tuesday: Leela James

leelajames2I remember when Joss Stone first came out when I was in college and I was like, “What??!! This girl can sing!”  And then I was all “Oh snap!” and “Get out!”  After I ran out of exciting things to say, I grew to love her style of old school soul with new school R&B.  After this initial introduction into the newer, younger soul with hints of throwback, I started getting into other artists with similar styles (because after all, you can never have too much soul.)  Little did I know there was someone born a mere four years before Stone that would release an album a mere two years after her debut release that would match Stone’s powerful vocals and soul.

Leela James was born in 1983 (four years before Joss Stone) in Los Angeles, California making her an astonishing 26 years old – after you listen to her newest album My Soul you will know why this fact is astonishing.  Her vintage style makes her music appealing to multiple audiences.  Songs like “Let It Roll” and “I Ain’t New To This” will get your booty shaking guaranteed.

If you like Joss Stone, you’ll love Leela James.  Check out the video for her single “Tell Me You Love Me”:

Buy the album:

Leela James - My Soul

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