New Music Tuesday: Matt and Kim

From the first time I heard Matt & Kim‘s single “Daylight”, I was hooked.  Their quirky indie alternative pop sound was distinctive and just catchy enough to make you think about it all day long.  But how could they possibly keep it up? Surely they can’t continue to create catchy songs that will play on repeat in your mind for days on end?  Well surely they can.  Because they did.  How ’bout them apples?

Sidewalks is the latest release from this Brooklyn duo, and it definitely lives up to their names:  Matt & Kim.  Synthesizers, hip-hop beats, high energy, dancing, toy pianos, killer drums and horns.  All of the things you’ll find at Burning Man.  Oh, and also all of things you’ll find on Sidewalks.  They are practically interchangeable.

If you’re not fully familiar with Matt & Kim, perhaps this will jog your memory:

It’s not easy playing piano in bed. Or in the bathroom. Or in the car. Trust me. I’ve tried.  All I got was six stitches and a moving violation.  They got a record deal.  How fair is that?

Their latest album is even more up-beat than this single, so if you are looking to push your Matt & Kim love a little further, make sure you pick it up.  And don’t delay because it’s going to sell out everywhere.  I’m not even sure if that’s true, but I like to create a sense of urgency.

Here’s a commercial-type thing for the first song off of Sidewalks:

Buy the album:

Sidewalks - Matt & Kim

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