New Music Tuesday: Nappy Roots

nappyroots2Aw naw, hell naw boy ya’ll done up and done it. It’s like pure poetry. Could have came right from Edgar Allen Poe or Ernest Hemingway. But alas, this gem came from the Nappy Roots.  I first heard “Aw Naw” in college during my most formidable years. There was nothing like getting the party started with a little Nappy Roots (and possibly some “No Diggity” or “California Love”, but that’s neither here nor there.)

This hip-hop group from Kentucky is probably best known for their 2002 single “Po’ Folks”.  Eight years later and the boys are still kicking with their latest release (and see if you can catch the play on words here) The Pursuit of Nappyness.  The entire album includes super funky fresh beats throughout as well as an Outkast-ish style of rapping.  The album is a little more club-ish than we here at FreshScouts are used to, but everyone’s got to hit the town for booty scrumpin’ sometimes right?

Check out the video for the single “Ride”:

Buy the album:

Nappy Roots - The Pursuit of Nappyness

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