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If you’ve ever heard one of Ke$ha’s albums, you’ve also thrown up.  There really is no avoiding it.  It’s like watching a Saw movie while trying to eat lasagna.  You just can’t do it.  Her fake talking/”rapping” is the reason that radio is dying.  You may argue, but I know this to be true.  I read it on the Internet.  But this isn’t entirely bad news.  I mean it is, but there is a silver lining.  It makes you appreciate actual female rappers even more.  That’ s why when I recently heard Kanye West’s new single “Monster” that featured a number of different artists, I was immediately drawn in by Nicki Minaj.

Her style is 100% unique and 100% in your face.  She is a very aggressive rapper and her flow makes you feel like you’re getting yelled at (in a good way.)  Her debut release Pink Friday is full of hot beats and cameos from other rap icons including Eminem, Kanye West and  With so much support, the album builds a strong repertoire of singles that are sure to get some radio play.  Although I don’t completely agree with adding pop icons such as Rihanna and Drake to the mix, the added exposure for Nicki Minaj will help her gain exposure in this day and age of lost talent.

Hopefully in the future we’ll see some independent releases from Nicki Minaj as I think she would do better to showcase her unique style under her own terms.  I imagine we’d end up with an album that shows the raw lyrical talent of Nicki Minaj without all of the production. Check out her video for Massive Attack featuring Sean Garrett. The music video is a little bit “Jay-Z”, but I suppose that’s what makes it so gangster.

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