New Music Tuesday: Paramore

Brand New Eyes is the latest installation from this Tennessee rock band, and I have to say it totally rocks.  Paramore really started to hit it big last year with their single “Misery Business” off of the album Riot!.  They’re signature punk-rock sound is a refreshing change to the (mostly stale) punk-rock genre that’s currently forming.  With a sea of punk bands making their way on to the music scene, it’s nice to have a band that can actually stamp their signature on their songs.



I’m personally not a huge fan of the present-day punk-rock scene, as I’m finding it harder and harder to believe that these bands are actually “punk.”  See Good Charlotte, Blink 182 and Avril Lavigne.  All of their songs tend to blend together in a way where I can’t actually distinguish which band is playing, let alone go out of my way to purchase one of their albums.  Like listening to any song by Nickelback.  If you asked me to distinguish when one Nickelback song ends and the next one begins for $1,000, I’d be out a cool grand.  But I’m not bitter.  I try to find the best in everything and if you like that sort of thing, well I guess you like that sort of thing.

So to make my long elaborate point, Paramore knows how to rock it.  Their new album has some of the feel of their previous album, but includes some slower songs that really bring out the vocal charisma of Hayley Williams.  Of course, they rock it through pretty much the whole album so if you’re concerned about that, you have no need to worry.   The last song on the album, Decode, was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Twilight so you know that pretty much every girl everywhere has already heard it at some point. Check out their new single from the album, Ignorance:

Oh that’s so Paramore.  Not to mention their lead singer is a spicy red-head that’s sure to make any man’s temperature rise a few degrees.  Hey, it’s just a matter of physics.  I don’t make the rules.  So check out their lead singer new album and find out why Paramore is a band to watch.

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