New Music Tuesday: Rhymefest

When you’re named after a revolutionary like Che Guevara, it’d be severe letdown if you ended up not being destined for great things. For Chicago rapper Che Smith, known more universally as Rhymefest, great things have already happened. With his new album, aptly named “El Che,” the greatness continues.

rhymefest2Hyped heavily earlier in his career by Kanye West, Rhymefest co-wrote “Jesus Walks” once upon a time, which tells you what kind of talent and scope this man has for hip-hop. On the new album, Fest covers a myriad of social and personal topics that are extremely refreshing and intellectually stimulating. This is a smart brother, boys and girls. He understand the history of our country and his race and his art better than almost any musician I’ve ever come across.

The music is deep, but he just seems like the kind of guy you just want to buy a beer and chew the fat with. If you’re a person who values lyrics in rap, Rhymefest is a guy you need to be listening to.

Musically, the catchiest tracks on the album are “Give It To Me” and “Talk My Shit,” but songs like “Prosperity” and “Agony” give perhaps the best view of our hero’s intelligence and depth.

Honestly, Rhyemfest’s people passed the album on to us a month ago, back when they thought the release date was going to be in May. I’ve sitting on this for three weeks, and that’s a painful thing when the record is so damn good. Hip-hop heads—go pick up “El Che.”

Besides, the guy’s from the Chi. If you care about your future Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, you’ll further support the city by supporting one of its most respectable artists. Take part in the greatness.

Here’s a glimpse at “How High,” a track that features another FS favorite, Little Brother:

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