New Music Tuesday: Sky Sailing

In the City of Owls, music Sails in the Sky.

That’s a motivational Gabe-ism I just made up for this post, and I hope it means as much to you as it did to me in the long process of coming up with it.

In creating this small bit of idiomatic genius, I was inspired by talented synth-pop-indie artist Adam Young, known more commonly as Owl City in music circles, because he’s releasing a collection of songs under the name Sky Sailing from before he hit it big.

My muse.

My muse.

Vocally, you’re absolutely going to recognize Young’s now famous voice, and while a lot of the chord progressions and melodies are very similar to tracks from “Ocean Eyes,” the synthesized vibe of Owl City is replaced with songs much more heavily dependant on the strum of the acoustic guitar.

But the tunes are still beautiful and dreamy, the lyrics are still refreshingly poetic, and there’s still a strong sense that every song could be played during the I’m-Learning-Something-From-This-Whole-Thing scene in just about any coming of age independent film ever made. Every song comes off epic yet simple—even more so than the Owl City stuff.

With a gun to my head—not an entirely implausible scenario—I’d still take Owl City over Sky Sailing because the newer stuff is more upbeat and memorable, but that doesn’t mean this throwback new release isn’t refreshing in it’s own way.

It Sails in the Sky in the City of Owls, but a little too close to the sun.

That’s deep, right? Let it marinate a little while you get your credit card prepped for what is sure to be an immediate download from iTunes or Amazon or wherever you get your music. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking up more sweet-ass Gabe-isms for later this week.

Stay tuned, and believe in the stars.

Check out “Brielle” from the new (old?) album:

And grab the album everywhere today!

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