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I used to work at a Dairy Queen. It was a great job with a great boss and great perks (all the Mister Misties you could drink!), but the one thing about it that did suck was our ratty boombox perched in the back of the store. It was this clunky, discolored old thing with one speaker that had been blown out by a brick several years earlier (part of an attempted store robbery once upon a time) and another speaker that popped in and out.

Regardless, that crusty old stereo got us through all the summers I worked through from high school through college, and considering the long, hard hours I put in at that place, it’s impossible now for me to hear certain top 40 songs from that era and not immediately think of Dilly Bars.

Probably the one I heard more than any other song was “One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies, which had to have dominated something 30% of all radio airspace throughout the entire year of 1999. I’ve heard that godforsaken song so many times that I could pick out the lead singer’s voice in a crowd easier than that of my own mother.

Which is how I had my “aha” moment while sifting through new releases this week. I had been previewing an album by a gentleman named Steven Page, who’s got a new record, “Page One,” hitting stores today, and within seconds I literally said to myself—out loud—“That’s the dude from Barenaked Ladies.”

A quick Wikipedia search while the song continued to play confirmed my suspicion, and it was at that point I was finally able to unwind and enjoy the music. That first track, “A New Shore,” was as jumpy and fresh and catchy as any other BNL song has ever been, and I of course fell in love with the track immediately.

With other keepers like “Indecision,” “Marry Me,” and “She’s Trying to Save Me,” it became clear very quickly that Page’s foray into solo stardom was off to a hot start. “Page One” is the first original solo album the former Barenaked Ladies frontman has put out after breaking from the group over a year ago. He’s dabbled in some theater stuff and collaborative works, but only now is getting to releasing a true solo album.

Thankfully, it’s a good’n, and if all goes well, some teenager forced to spend his or her entire summer working a Dairy Queen can have the same imbedded affinity for Steven Page as I clearly have for BNL. It’s what we in the business call the Circle of Life.

Okay, so nobody in any business really calls anything that, but “Page One” was good enough to make my taste buds long for a blue raspberry Mister Misty, and that proves more than anything that Page hasn’t lost his touch.

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