New Music Tuesday: Taddy Porter

taddyporter2There’s nothing better for my money than when Michael Bolton sings “When A Man Loves A Woman.”  I pretty much celebrate the guys’ entire collection.  And Taddy Porter…well Taddy Porter is NOTHING like Michael Bolton.  I don’t even know why I made the comparison.  In fact he’s the exact opposite.  Imagine a super badass blues/rock guy that (I imagine) smokes cigarettes and puts the butts out on his arm.  That is Taddy Porter.  Although all of that badass stuff isn’t actually confirmed.

His voice is very similar to that of the southern stylings of Marc Broussard and the music definitely holds the same southern flavor.  Add slide guitars, wicked guitar riffs and catchy choruses and you have a recipe for a great album.  Add in the fact that when you Google “Taddy Porter”, a majority of the search results are for a Porter beer from Samuel Smith.  How badass is that?

The album really is a mix of blues and rock with the opening track “Whatever Haunts You” sounding closer to that of Audioslave, whereas songs like “Railroad Queen” are heavy on the slide guitar/blues sound and light on the weak sauce.  Check out his self-titled album for a heavy dose of solid rock.  And if you want something completely not that, check out Michael Bolton.

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