New Music Tuesday: The Constellations

Let’s make a list of the things that Atlanta group The Constellations have going for them:

#1 – They’ve got an awesome logo:

#2 – They combine rap and rock in a way that’s not gimmicky or unauthentic, which is really, really hard to do.
#3 – Their new album, “Southern Gothic,” not only has one of the better album names of 2010 so far, but also features studs like Cee-Lo Green and Asher Roth.
#4 – They know who the great Tom Waits is, and even dedicated an entire song to the guy.
#5 – Capturing real local color on a record isn’t easy, but these guys have deliberately assembled eleven songs that do exactly that for the city of Atlanta. It’s ambitious and fun, and we like that sort of thing.

The ConstellationsAnd there’s more. A lot more, actually, starting with the swagger of lead singer Elijah Jones, who’s got a completely unique and exciting vocal style. Do in large part to Jones’s nasally, too-cool-for-school vocal cadences, these guys have the potential to be the sort of band that is instantly recognizable the moment they come on the radio with a new song. You’ll say, “Isn’t this The Constellations?” And your friend will be all, “Yup.” And you’ll have known because Jones is so distinctive.

We first fell in love with the guys upon hearing “Felicia,” a seedy, tambouriney party anthem about a buxom beauty in a club, because it was so fun and energetic. The rest of “Southern Gothic” is equally entertaining, each track trying on different vibes and styles and genres. “Setback” is hip-hoppy, “Perfect Day” is indie-ish, “Love Is A Murder” is somewhere in between pop and soul, and “Step Right Up” is a jam-tastic musical narrative.

How many words did I make up in that last paragraph? I count four, but The Constellations probably deserve more.

For audio diversity, for fun, for a fair musical portrayal of night life in Atlanta, you’ve got to pick up “Southern Gothic.” We’ve got a list of five things they currently have going for them, but that list is going to grow, and quickly. Don’t wait for these guys to hit it big before you jump on their bandwagon. The Constellations are stars already. (Get it?)

Check out “Love Is A Murder,” featuring Cee-Lo:

And pick up “Southern Gothic” as soon as you can!

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