New Music Tuesday: The Damned Things

First and foremost, any time a band decides to take their name from a “Black Betty” lyric, your eyebrows should pique with interest. When one of those words is a swear word, it should become pretty clear pretty quickly that this is going to be a band with a strong propensity for badassery. Take all that and add to it the fact that The Damned Things is comprised of members from Fall Out Boy, Anthrax, and Every Time I Die, and the group’s debut album “Ironiclast” is a can’t-miss.

It’s hard to explain how this record works stylistically other than the fact that it really is a perfect hybrid between hardcore ‘80s metal and modern-day alternative pop. Everything rocks, but everything is also commercially viable. It’s a legitimately odd sound that works on a level I’m not sure you can even begin to understand.

Scott Ian and Joe Trohman, the guitarists for the supergroup, said they were going for a sort of Led Zeppelinish classic rock vibe driven by hardcore riffs like what Anthrax and Every Time I Die traditionally use, as well as the catchy melody-driven hooks that made Fall Out Boy so popular. There’s a ton of instrumental improvisation during breakdowns, and songs like “We’ve Got A Situation Here” and “A Great Reckoning” show the versatility of the group.

Usually when we review a new album, we say something like, “Almost every song on the album is a winner,” but in this case we’re throwing out the “almost.” There’s no need for it. For fans of straight up rock, or pop-alt, or metal, there’s something for you on this album. It’s crazy good, folks. I mean, The Damned Things go wild on this project. What else would one expect them to do?

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