New Music Tuesday: The Decemberists

I love The Decemberists.  Especially in January.  They have that perfect mix of folk and rock that always leaves you wanting more.  The sound is contagious, and they honestly have major problems creating songs that are not good.  Ok, I guess I wouldn’t say that it’s a “problem” more a blessing, but either way they have a knack for creating pure acoustic gold.  With elements of Neil Young and Bob Dylan (as you’ll notice with the first blow of the harmonica), they draw on old-school folk and even some country-blues elements with soulful slide guitar and powerful vocals.

Their latest release The King Is Dead is a soulful delivery of impeccable harmonies and relaxing instrumentation.  Like Enya except not.  Or possibly like Kenny G, except also not.  I’ve always appreciated their incredible combination of traditional folk instruments and styling to create a completely unique sound that’s instantly recognizable as The Decemberists.  And with six albums currently out, they are obviously doing something right.  If you stood their fan base shoulder to shoulder, the line would wrap around the world six times.  That is a completely amazing fact I may or may not have just made up, but I’m sure it’s pretty close.  I mean, they have a lot of fans.

Honestly, if you like The Decemberists or even just great relaxing music, you should definitely check out their latest release The King Is Dead.  We promise you’ll be satisfied.  And it has nothing to do with Enya.  We also promise that.

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The King Is Dead - The Decemberists

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